Farmhouse Fresh products are good for animals!

Farmhouse Fresh products are made to be good for you. They are also good for animals! Your purchases help save rescue animals. In any given month, your purchases can help the company buy hay, grain, and provide medical expenses for the sanctuary animals. You can track how your purchase is helping the animals! Locate your batch code–it’s printed on the underside of of the jars and bottles and crimped onto the edge seal of hand cream tubes. Got to the “Rescues” area of the website where you can type in yur codes to learn more about¬† the animals your purchase helped save.

Good for you!

Farmhouse Fresh products are good for you, as well! The products are made from all natural and organic ingredients. No harsh chemicals in these products! Some of the ingredients you will find are: aloe (moist

urizes and firms skin), coconut milk (smooths & conditions), illite clay (detoxifies & removes impurities), kale extract (anti-oxidant & high in vitamins, fights aging), paprika (increases circulation and renewal of skin cells), pineapple (softens skin), sugar (exfoliates), watermelon oil (helps skin retasin moisture), and yougurt (smoothes and moisturizes). This is just a small sampling of the ingredients you will find in the products.

We carry everything from hand lotion and hand cream to bath salts and body scrubs. And everything in between! There are pedicure products, facial scrubs, sunscreen, body oils, bath bombs, bar soaps and more. And they all smell amazing!! And they are made from all natural

Stop in to see for yourself the array of products we carry. Or test some out the next time you come in for your massage.