We are up and running in our new space!

Exciting news to share!! Our new space has been up and running now for about 6 weeks. You will love our new office. It’s spacious and beautiful! Such a relaxing and serene place to come get a massage. No more walking up stairs. No more staring at a wall from the front desk. We now look out over the beautiful courtyard and pond area. As you walk in the front door, you’ll be greeted by the front desk staff. Laundry and storage has its own space in back and out of the way. We also now have a private in-house restroom, so no more having to enter a code!

Feel the relaxation!!

Feel the relaxation start as soon as you enter! You’ll be surrounded by plants and lovely decor filling the reception and retail area. As you walk down the hallway toward one of the five treatment rooms, you will see lovely artwork and a crisp, clean look. Once in your room, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical setting. Beach artwork and decor will be your sights. Every room is outfitted with a professional HEPA air purifier, soothing sound machine, fans and heaters to ensure your comfort, table warmer/cooler, and other niceties for you to enjoy. The therapist will make sure you are comfortable on the table before and during your massage.

What a feeling!

Throughout your massage, your therapist will make sure you are comfortable and that the amount of pressure they are using is appropriate for you. When your massage is done, the therapist will let you know to take your time getting up and getting dressed. We support a whole healthy outlook, so we’ll ask you to help yourself to water that’s available at the front desk area. It’s very important to hydrate after your massage to ensure that your tissues will continue to relax and heal. It is not uncommon to get a headache following a massage; drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated will help prevent that from happening.

What next?

The only thing left to do is check out and book another massage! The therapist will make recommendations as to how often you can benefit from massage. If you are visiting us for treatment for an auto accident, work injury, or other medical condition , they will follow what has been prescribed by your doctor.

Share the love

We value each and every one of our patients/clients. The greatest form of flattery is a recommendation from you! We encourage you to share the love and refer your friends, family and colleagues to us.

Come see us!

If you are an existing client and haven’t been in for a while, or are looking for a new massage clinic, stop on in to see how we’ve grown! We would love to see you!!