Massage therapy for headache relief

Did you know that 37 million Americans experience headaches on a regular basis? We are asked frequently asked if massage therapy can help relieve headaches. The short answer is yes. But how?  Massage can prevent or lessen the frequency and intensity of your headaches. Obviously, knowing the cause of your headaches is important. Getting rid of the cause is key. Massage therapy can help!

What causes headaches?

Well, this is an often asked question! If I had the time, I might be able to list every cause of headaches. But, since I don’t, here is a quick answer:

  • muscle tension
  • poor posture
  • musculoskeletal imbalance (body is out of whack)
  • “tech neck”
  • eye strain (too much screen time)
  • high blood pressure
  • STRESS (which causes a lot of symptoms!)
  • sinus infection
  • allergies
  • environmental triggers
  • poor sleep habits
  • tumors
  • TMJ
  • hormonal imbalance
  • stroke
  • etc. etc. etc.

To name a few! The list goes on and on.

How does massage therapy help with easing headaches?

Massage can greatly relax tight muscles that cause headaches. It can improve circulation and lower blood pressure. Massage can help relieve eye strain. It reduces tension from strained muscles. Helps with musculoskeletal imbalance.  Massage can also reduce sinus inflammation, which causes sinus headaches. It can also lessen the frequency and intensity of migraines when done on a regular basis.

What type of massage do I ask for if I want headache relief?

Deep tissue, trigger point, and aromatherapy are three types of massage used for headache relief. Used alone or in tandem with each other, they are effective methods of treating headaches with massage. Your massage therapist can utilize these techniques along with using hot towels or other aids during the massage. Some therapists will also use lotions infused with CBD to help ease inflammation and pain.

Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure with slow strokes affecting deeper muscle layers. Strained muscles may contribute to headaches. Trigger point uses pressure on specific areas to release tension from your muscles. Aromatherapy uses essential oils that can aid in relaxation. Essential oils reduce inflammation that can cause headaches.

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