Why is massage good for me?

Massage can be an essential piece of your wellness puzzle. The human body is so complex and fascinating. The use of massage as part of your well being has many benefits.

How can it benefit me?

Besides the obvious…..relaxation, massage has many benefits. By using a variety of techniques and tools, your massage therapist can help you reach your optimum health. Do you have digestive problems? Massage therapy and the use of cranial sacral therapy can help reset the body so it works better. Sore muscles from overworking them? Let us relieve some of that pain and help heal those aches. Pregnant and feeling out of whack? We can help alleviate some of those aches and pains associated with growing a human being inside of you.

Basically, if you have something bothering you, we can help fix it. Or, we can minimize the discomfort associated with what ails you. Massage therapists are, after all, givers of healing touch. Wouldn’t you much rather have a massage and heal yourself than take some science lab created solution that is unnatural and comes with its own set of side effects?

But is it for me?

If you’re wondering if massage is the right choice for you, wonder no longer! There are no harmful side effects from massage, so it can’t hurt to try. I try to get a massage at least once a month to keep me feeling balanced and to keep my overworked muscles soothed. One of my therapists also does some cranial sacral work on me to help me sleep. This is a Godsend! If I could do two massages a week I’d be in Heaven!!  And if you have insurance that we are contracted with, your massage could be covered. Check your insurance benefits to see if it could be covered. (*Out of pocket costs will vary depending on your coverage, co-pay, and deductible.)

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